Awards Process

This will be our first time to offer these wonderful awards.  Nominations for 2016 are currently being accepted.

To Submit a Nomination, Please CLICK HERE.
To Submit Recommendation Letters, Please CLICK HERE.

When will the IAODWE award recipients be announced?  The recipients are announced annually in December.

Is there still time to nominate women in business?  Yes. Nominations and Letters of recommendation will be accepted until September 15, 2015.

Is it necessary for me to be nominated by more than one person? No, only one nomination is necessary. You can be nominated by someone else, or you can nominate yourself, but once nominated, IAODWE requires that you receive three (3) recommendations to be considered as a finalist, or winner for this prestigious award.

Who will judge my entry? Judges are selected from a pool of local and national business people. Your entry will be treated with the strictest confidence at all times.

What are the judges looking for? A detailed set of judging guidelines is used to help judges assess your entry. Judges are looking for concise, relevant information. There is rarely one single element that sets winners apart; however winners may display the following common characteristics:

  • Passion and commitment to their chosen fields of endeavor.
  • Demonstration of leadership.
  • Proven business successes.
  • Ability to act as a positive role model and inspiration to others.
  • Vision, integrity, self-awareness and a balanced approach.
  • High energy, coupled with integrity, personal discipline, organization and focus.
  • Dedication to interests outside usual business, such as supporting charities, children and the community.
  • Mentoring abilities and practices.

Is there a cost to nominate a Women-owned or women-supportive business for a Divine Women Award of Excellence? Yes. There is a $55 processing fee that covers administrative fees as well as, ensures that we maintain a high level of integrity in the nomination process for the Divine Women Award of Excellence. (NOTE: If you are a current IAODWE VIP member and you want to nominate yourself or another current IAODWE VIP member this processing fee is waived.

Once officially confirmed, each nomination is required to get 3 letters of recommendation in order to be considered. IAODWE has made this recommendation process extremely easy as all letters are submitted directly to the IAODWE website with the click of a button. All letters of recommendation must be completed on the IAODWE website.

What is the payment process? Once you have submitted your nomination, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the payment page for the processing fee ($55) within 48 business hours of us receiving the nomination. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please contact our office to make sure we received your nomination at,

Once you have paid the nomination processing fee, the nominated women business, and/or businesswomen will be informed of their highly prized Divine Women Award of Excellence nomination, they will be told who believed in them enough to gift them their nomination, and given directions on how to proceed.

How are winners announced? If you are chosen as a winner, you will be notified individually via email, mentioned on IAODWE website, and e-newsletter as well as a professional Press Release written announcing your award and submitted to several popular PR sites.