Nomination Process

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What woman entrepreneur do you admire most and why?

International Association of Divine Women Entrepreneurs believes women business owners make a difference in their families, the economy and their communities. The Divine Women Award of Excellence seeks to recognize women entrepreneurs on an international basis that are great examples of the following:

  • They give, serve and lead for the betterment of women everywhere.
  • Succeed in spite of barriers that exist for women business owners.
  • Exemplify how business ownership and leadership benefits women, their families, their communities and the world.
  • Share forward their time, talents, money and knowledge.
  • Advance the lives of women through education, information, technology and innovation.

Once nominated and fee paid, (YES, YOU CAN NOMINATE YOURSELF)…the entrepreneur will be asked to complete a form asking for more in depth information about their business, including number of years in business, number of employees, the heart and motivation behind her business and why/how her life, work and business make a difference. (Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t been in business long or don’t have employees yet.  Winners are chosen on what they’ve accomplished – not longevity or employee status).

Each nominee will be required to get 3 recommendations from people who have worked with or for them. A Leadership Committee will determine the Women Entrepreneurs who will receive the Divine Women Award of Excellence based on information provided in the entry form and the quality of the recommendations. Winners will be announced and honored on our websites and newsletter. In addition to the Award of Excellence in each category, ONE award will be given to the Woman Entrepreneur who shows immense integrity, honor, has gone above and beyond her normal responsibilities as a divine woman entrepreneur will receive our “Divine Woman of the Year” and ONE award will be given to the business who displays a giving attitude and has helped other women businesses become extraordinary will receive our “Divine Business of the Year” award.