Member Benefits

  Is Joining IAODWE Right for You?

If you’re really ready to see what is possible for you and make your dream a reality, I’d like to invite you to join IAODWE designed for women entrepreneurs life yourself.

Some of What You Will Learn as You Become a Member:

  • Simple ways to turn your passion & purpose into profits and prosperity
  • How to launch your business online and the exact tools, software and resources I use and recommend (trust me, you don’t need to be technical to market & grow your business, It’s so simple that anyone can do it!)
  • Overcoming FEAR and play a bigger game to become widely successful….and so much more!

What this Membership Will NOT Be:

  • This is NOT another get rich quick association that undermines your greatness
  • This will NOT be a “pitch” for some risky investment. How does it make you feel to finally take the burden off your shoulders and step into
    clarity and confidence? Imagine you enjoy what you truly love to do, have a meaningful life and share your gift with the world because you don’t need to worry about money again….

Yes, you can do it and let me show you how….

Here Are Your Member Benefits When You Join Today:

Training in Suni’s Popular Divine Coaching Method

Whether you’re new to owning a business or you’ve been at it awhile, Divine Coaching Method
 will make it easy for you to confidently grow your business into a deep and meaningful masterpiece you love. You’ll save time, get better results and be able to charge more once you learn the Divine Coaching Method.

  • Module 1:  How to Magnetically Attract Your Perfect Clients Without Chasing Them Down
  • Module 2:  The Secret to Creating & Packaging Your Irresistible Offers
  • Module 3:  How to Double Your Profits While Spending Less Time at Your Desk
  • Module 4:  How to Get Your Clients to Love Paying You Over and Over Again

Value:  Priceless

For a detailed description of what you will learn click here….

Instant Access to the Online Learning Center

To help you get started we’re also giving you instant access to the Online Learning Center, some of our most popular topics you can conveniently download and read with action sheets to keep you on track. Here is a sampling of what you will learn:

  • Content Marketing and Why It’s Important – Transcript & Action Sheet
  • How to Grow Your Email List – Transcript & Action Sheet
  • How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website – Transcript Only
  • How to Get Clients Using LinkedIn – Transcript Only

Time & Productivity Success Software
“Controlling Your Time Instead of It Controlling You”

Here is a sampling of How Our Software Can Help You:

Discover Where Your Time is Going

As the click of a button, Time & Productivity will go to work generating a report about all the actions you have completed, helping you quickly see how and where you’re time is really being spent.

See Your Day With More Clarity Than Ever Before

Instead of your day being some blurry, abstract “thing” of stuff you need to do, Time & Productivity uses various graphical elements to help you actually visualize it, making it more real and more achievable to you.

Feel a Stronger Sense of Accomplishment

As you finish tasks using Time & Productivity, the interface will provide you with visual feedback of their completion, giving you even more momentum to continue moving forward.

Exceptional Plug-Ins Created to Help You Make the Most of What Your WordPress Site Has to  Offer Turning It Into
A Client Attraction Machine!

wordpress-pluginCreating a strong unbreakable bond between you and your clients is one of the secrets to keeping clients for life and building referrals that last a lifetime. To support you, we’re providing you with plugins you can use to create a website that is an attraction grabbing marketing funnel.

Marketing and Promotion Opportunities for YOU and Your Business

woman-on-compWe’re here to help YOU get the exposure you want and need for your business:

  • Online community “classified” area where you can list your upcoming tele-seminars, workshops and more.
  • Online community area where you can list your information products, CDs, ebooks and more, for other to bundle in with their promotions and launches.
  • Opportunity to be featured in the monthly association (printed) newsletter mailed to all members.
  • Opportunity to be featured with your name, photo, web address and short bio in the bi-weekly online ezine.

Web-Ready Logo You Can Proudly Display on Your Website

Clients feel reassured that you are a professional when they see you belong to a respected, professional industry association. Plus, your friends and colleagues take you seriously, often resulting in new opportunities, offers and partnerships. So we’re providing you with a web-ready log you can proudly display on your website, in your online newsletter, on your Twitter or Facebook page and more.

Downloadable Business Forms, Checklists,
Templates, How-To Guides and More….

Your business should be fun and easy to run. To support your success, we will give you a variety of templates, forms and checklists to help you run your business without fault

templatesHere is a sampling of the forms and checklists that are included with your annual VIP membership.

  • Intake Form: This form will provide you with all the relevant information to get a rudimentary picture of your client before the first meeting.
  • Client Invoice: This spells out the payment schedule and how money is collected.
  • Payment Arrangements Form: This is a form detailing the agreement for a set payment schedule.
  • Business Goals Worksheet: What does your client hope to accomplish with their business? This worksheet offers an accountability tool for you and your client to turn goals into actions.
  • Ongoing Pre-call Form: This is a tool that can be used by the client to evaluate themselves before each session and give you an idea before your call of what is important to discuss.
  • Client Call Notes: Customize and use this form to jot down notes from your client sessions.
  • Client Agreement: This is an agreement verifying the expectation for both you and your client during your sessions.
  • Success Guidelines: This document entails the guidelines governing your sessions
  • Monthly Review Form: Clients can use this form to review their month at a glance.         ……and much more!

As Part of Your VIP Membership, You Will Also Receive
These Special Bonuses:

Instant Access to 7 Key Business Building Tools

To be successful, every business owner needs to know how to perform certain key tasks in their business. We’ll help you by giving you 7 business building tools for easy reference. Templates included in this special bonus include:

  1. Simple WEBSITE template to create a website you can be proud of
  2. Press Release templates
  3. Easy EZINE template any business can use
  4. Email Copywriting Templates
  5. An editable business plan tempate and instructions on how to create a business plan
  6. Blueprint to GROW your business by hiring your dream team
  7. Email marketing checklist

WordPress & Aweber Usage Guides

Businesses all over are using WordPress as their choice for a Website, as well as Aweber for their way of communicating with their tribe via autoresponder. As a bonus for joining, you get step-by-step fully illustrated guides on how to set up and use both of these popular business tools. We take the learning curve off your shoulders and help you effectively create a website and a means for you to communicate with your list – no more worries….

25% Off ALL Products in the Success Store

and Additonal $avings on Upcoming Events and Programs….

Your membership wouldn’t be complete without us giving you a discount. When you join, you will receive the coupon code to be able to receive these massive discounts on all products at Divine Women Institute. In addition, you will be notified via email, of upcoming  events and program launches, as a member you will receive discounts on these as well (discounts for these will vary by event or  program).

Where else can you gain credibility and instant access to a wealth of training, support, forms, tools, checklists, templates, software, plugins and more – with
your annual VIP membership?

Act Now, to Begin Your Professional VIP Membership TODAY!

Yes, I’m ready to make BIG shifts in my mindset, business and income this year by learning how to create, sell and run an EXTREMELY profitable online business.”

As a member of this professional entrepreneurial association, I will receive a full year of benefits and privileges that include:

  • Monthly Topic Training Presentations
  • Online Learning Center
  • Business Building Plug-ins
  • Forms, Checklist, Templates and Tools
  • Time & Productivity Success Software (both PC and MAC Versions)
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Web-Ready Logo to Proudly Display on Your Website

Plus these valuable BONUSES:

  • BONUS: 7 Key Templates
  • BONUS: Guide to Setting Up WordPress and Aweber
  • BONUS: Money Saving Discounts

I understand that my VIP membership in IAODWE is for a lifetime. In addition, I understand that during my membership additional marketing & business related material will be added to the membership at no extra charge. At any time, this membership could turn into an annual membership. If this happens, you will be grandfathered at the lifetime rate and not be charged an annual fee. The same results if fees go up, you will remain at the lifetime rate of $127.

Lifetime Cost Only $127


Please be assured that this online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received you will
get an electronic receipt and instruction within just a few minutes.

Membership in the IAODWE will help you shorten your learning curve and accelerate your path to extraordinary income.

Join IAODWE today and we’ll help you live – and love – your dream of owning your own business!