Plugins You Can Use to Maximize Your WordPress Site

NOTE: These packages include all files in the pack. Do NOT upload this package to WordPress it will fail. Download to your computer, unzip it, look for the zipped plugin file INSIDE the plugin folder you receive. Upload that to WordPress.

Jazzy Optins – Discover how you can easily create beautiful forms in just minutes – all without leaving your dashboard…You CAN Build a Better Opt-In Form. You actually have a lot of choices to improve the look and feel of your form. The trouble is, they all have a major flaw (or two):

  • Aweber, Constant Contact and others offer premade forms, but they’re rather…ugly.
  • Call to action buttons often can’t be edited. Does anyone really want to “Subscribe” anymore?
  • Costly plugins offer lots of options, but they’re needlessley complicated to use, and frankly, who needs all those bells and whistles?
  • Web designers will happily build you a form – for a hefty price. And who is going to edit it when you want to test a headline change?

A simple solution you can implement in Minutes. What if you could click a few buttons, select a color or two, and instantly connect your site to your autoresponder list? What would that do for your productivity? Click here to download….